What is a Daily Dose?

I’m going to post a “Daily Dose” of information on Ankylosing Spondylitis (ank-ee-low-sing spon-dill-eye-tiss) in the hopes of raising awareness on an invisible illness 33 million worldwide suffer in silence.  I have been fairly quiet about my disease to date but I feel it’s time for me to do my part in raising awareness of this monster.  I hope you all will share this info with everyone who’s willing to read it.

Feel free to tell me what you think as I go and add your own thoughts and experiences.  The more we get out there the more people will understand.  Even those out there trying to ignore us can only hide from it for so long.  After all a screaming crowd will always be heard over the whisperings of one.

We can do this but only if we work together!


Tell me what you think...

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