Support Groups

Here is just a small list of wonderful sites you should check out.  Please list any that you have found that are not on this list.  The amount of sites popping up shows are efforts are working!  – this is not AS only it’s arthritis in general. – this one has a live chat every weekend. – lovely personal board that makes you feel like family. – the Faces of AS forum with an amazing directory put together by one amazing AS Warrior Cookie – a closed Facebook Group full of Spondy’s ready to support each other.  -a forum for info and support.  – a group just for woman dealing with A.S.  -this group is all about the A.S. diet.



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  8. The Spondylitis Association of America has support groups! The 24/7 online forum is wonderful – extremely knowledgeable folks with AS. Truly the best forum I’ve seen.
    But there is nothing like meeting other people living with spondylitis face-to-face. There are education/support groups meeting held regularly all over the country. I’m the group leader in Los Angeles. That group is amazing – also extremely knowledgeable and just as important, very supportive. We will often invite a speaker to discuss different aspects of managing AS. You can call the AS hotline to find out how to start a group in your area 800-777-8189. There is also an online support group. Finally, the SAA holds Patient Education Seminars every year. These seminars feature true experts in spondyloarthritis, that give up-to-date state of the research and built in time for all the Q&A needed. Not to mention, another good way to meet others with SpA face-to-face.

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