Out To Move It So I Don’t Fuse It







I’ve officially lost my mind, let me explain. last year for Walk You’re A.S. Off I shot for one million steps and I made it with a little cushion.  This year I’m going for two million.  No matter how I crunch the numbers I’m falling short though.  IF I can pull off 7 days a week with my full routine (which I normally only do 5 days a week without flares) I’ll still be roughly 30,000 steps short every week. I know I’m nuts but this walk is about dreaming big. So here is my BIG dream!


That’s 31,250 steps a day!  Oh, and 218,750 steps a week!  Yup, see…lost my mind.



So I thought in order to hold myself accountable I’ll share my routine with you as I go.  I’ll be posting my “game plan” soon and maybe some of you that are as crazy as me will join in?  Don’t think I’m going to be a push over though!  I’ll fight every day to make it and hope you will help me through on the rough days. 



I’m using this as a jumping off point to take my exercise routine to a level it’s never been and I don’t plan on stopping in nine weeks either!  This is MY Spondy Boot-Camp to wake up my old body and remind it that I AM still the boss! 


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