Spirited Spondy’s Mission

may your trails

This year the Spirited Spondy’s are going to raise some serious awareness! We have so many new recruits that are stepping up to support us I must take a moment and say, THANK YOU! We are just a small grassroots walk working hard to make a name for ourselves and each one of you is how that will happen.

As we walk let’s remember to encourage each other and maybe even bring about a little friendly competition. After all we want to have a little fun with it! Hopefully we’ll notice some great health benefits throughout our nine weeks also. Many of us can add that to our individual goals for the walk. I’ll share materials throughout the walk to help with this.

So far as a team we helped to circle the globe and march to the moon. This year Walk Your A.S. Off has announced that we are heading to Mars next. That is a lofty goal to say the least and it will take many years but I know we CAN do it. We are an amazing team and with everyone’s support we will get there. This year I’d like to start off with a team goal that challenges us. Last year we hit 45,298,928 steps. This year I know WE CAN hit 150,000,000 steps! I also challenge all of you to recruit at least two people to walk with us throughout the walk. They can join at anytime and registration is always free.

Let’s show we are a team that is here to STEP UP in a big way!

Warmest Regards,


spirited spondy team profile pic


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