Setting Goals

Spirited Spondy


Saturday, March 8th

How was last week? Were you able to maintain your pace all week or did you have to back off? 


You should have a better understanding of where you physically are right now.  So let’s set some goals for the walk if you haven’t already.  I know your probably rolling your eyes but I have a new-found love of goals.  They hold me accountable for my actions and give me a rewarding feeling when I accomplish something I’d never thought I could.  So stop with the rolling eyes, we know goals are important so let’s get to it!


How do you set goals for yourself that will keep you motivated and not throwing in the towel half way through?  Well, I can share what works for me.  I base my goals off of where my body is in that moment.  We Spondy’s can’t gage where we will be next week, next month, or really later today.  So I plan for the here and now.  Then gradually I get a good idea of where I am and what I can handle.  If I can do more next week or next month or later today…AWESOME.  If not I’m not going to be upset because I did what I could.


So throw it all together and what does that look like?  Let’s say last week you walked 5 minutes a day (if you did more go with that number) now we’re going to set that as your base of what you can do with out your body slamming you with a flare.  So now your goal should be that 5 minutes a day for the rest of the walk.  For the remaining 56 days you are going to walk 5 minutes a day.  That’s 280 minutes walking! 


We’re going to try to challenge you as we go to push beyond that.  Step outside that comfort zone and oh so slowly step it up.  When you start to feel comfortable is when it will be time to increase.  Remember doing more is just gravy your goal is the 280 minutes!  


I started at five minutes a day three years ago as walking has always been difficult for me and now I can do 8 mile hikes.  You can accomplish a lot doing just five minutes at a time!     


goal tracker

Feel free to use this goal tracker!


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