Challenge Check-In


So I feel I owe everyone an apology for not reporting by now.  It’s been a crazy start to this challenge!


Good news first (just because I hate talking about bad news)!

Week One Total   59,645 steps

Week Two Total  228,245 steps

Week Three…

On Thursday of week two I hit a road block.  I like referring to it as a road block because it implies I can find a way around it and I have every intention of finding a way around it!  Thursday morning I woke up with what felt like a shoulder strain.  Not worried at all I iced it and kept moving with awareness to the pain.  Friday came and it slammed me.  My entire left arm was angry!  It would swell and turn a worrisome bluish-purple if I wasn’t laying flat on my back.  So I backed off.  I kept icing and immobilized it for three days.  Unfortunately that did no good and by Tuesday I couldn’t put off the doc any longer.  Urgent care sent me to the ER and they were baffled.  As usual no one knew about AS so I was left explaining repeatedly.  I was passed around for all to observe and stuck in machines and poked and prodded then finally THIRTEEN HOURS later they wanted to admit me.  Not because they knew what was wrong but because they still had no flippin’ clue.  I’m not keen on hospitals and wasn’t going to have that so I checked myself out and went home.  All we know is that it’s a cardio & neuro issue.  The docs are still working hard to figure it out but in the mean time I’ve got a challenge to complete! 


So here is to fighting back for lost time! 

My left side might not be a completely willing participant but it has no choice but to tag along.  (now that was funny)


I put up 37,398 steps today!  I am about 11,279 steps behind but I am certain I will catch back up as long as I can stay out of the hospital!  I wonder if they would let me bring in the stationary bike?  Maybe I would have stayed then.  lol


Some of you may think my decision to push through is nutty but I’m sure most also think attempting 2 million steps in 64 days is nutty.  It just works for me.  I do better under pressure and I love challenging myself.  It’s my way of fighting back against AS and all the crap it throws at me.  I was the kid that if you told me not to do it you could guarantee I was going to!  I guess I never out grew it.  Ankylosing Spondylitis will take things from me, I can’t stop it all but what I can do I will be doing while I still can!   





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