Let’s Get Moving

shine a light

Wednesday, March 19th

Were you able to handle the increase? If not were you able to maintain?  Consistency is king but a Spondy body’s don’t always follow those rules.  When you need a rest day take it!  Just don’t get fooled and rest too long and hit stiff all over again.  It’s a balancing act.

I will challenge you to increase again this week.  If you are able to increase how often you walk or how long you walk then it’s time again to do so. Never both at the same time though please, let’s be safe.

If you want to maintain where you were last week, then do so. It has to be what works for you and your body.  Remember your goal was based on where you were not how far you have come.  That is just a bonus!

Don’t forget that this walk is about awareness and exercising.  How are doing with raising awareness?  Are you talking with friends, neighbors, and even strangers while your out?  You can use this time as a way to bring A.S. into the conversation.  I find the more I do this walk the more people I end up reaching out to.  So much that introvert I once was.

Now that we are this far into our Walk Your A.S. Off let’s start checking in twice a week to see if our bodies are getting use to this new schedule and help keep each other motivated.


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