Forming Habits


Saturday, March 29th

So I’ve been researching ways to help form new habits and I came across the most exciting news.  Chocolate!  That’ right I said chocolate.  Or whatever floats your boat.  The brain likes a routine and it likes to be rewarded for it’s hard work!  Anyone that has ever been a smoker knows what I mean.  So think of it this way you have a horrible day at work what is the one thing you go do to relax?  Your brain has formed that habit!  So research shows we can trick our brain into forming a habit for exercise. 


So every time you work out reward yourself with a little piece of chocolate…not the whole bar (if your like me that will not be easy).  Do this every time you work out and your brain will actually begin to urge you to workout so you can get your “reward”. 

I’m going to start this NOW!  Let me know what you use as a reward and how you are doing!


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