It’s Just A Cold


sick and tired



So how often do you hear that it’s just a cold stop worrying about it?  I know people think I’m nuts when I avoid someone with “just a cold” but I promise if they ever dealt with a full flare up over a common cold that takes MONTHS to recover they would understand!  Here’s what I have to say to that. 


Dear Good Intentioned Germ Host,


Ankylosing Spondylitis is a full systemic autoimmune disease.  Putting it simply it’s our immune system malfunctioning and it can affect our entire body.  So you mix that with the medications that we take to suppress said malfunctioning immune system and you have a recipe for disaster.


The last “common cold” I had left me with chronic bronchitis and took 8 months for me to feel as close to normal as I get.  I was miserable!  Now this chronic bronchitis has led to allergies and every time one of them gets triggered here comes the coughing that just won’t stop and the runny nose, oh the runny nose!  I do not know which combination of issues left me with all of this but I’m just trying my best to deal with it now.  So just stay away from me when you are sick!  Don’t ask me to come over or bring your sick kids around mine.  Just respect my health and give me a germ, snot free buffer zone!


Please forgive me while I dodge the cold and flu season.  It’s worth a little extra caution for me to stay healthy…or…well as healthy as I get.  I wish I didn’t have to avoid all these incredible events.  I want to be there!  I want my family to enjoy time with out having to worry about “mom getting sick again” but this is just my reality.  I have to accept it and not having everyone upset with me as I decline yet another event would help a lot!  I feel bad enough already, I promise!  


Kind Regards,

One Spondy who’s tired of being sick and tired!




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