Stretch It Out

Stretch It Out

Saturday, April 12th

I don’t know about you but I’m going further than I ever thought I could have.  Sure there have been ups and downs but I’m not giving up!  I am so thrilled I have so many of you for support.


It’s that time again to bump it up.  I am ready but I’m needing some stretches to do after walking to ease those achy joints.  I’d thought I share with you what I found. 


Spinal Stretching Exercises


Full Body Stretch


Warm-UP For Walking


Don’t forget to increase this week again!  Please remember to be safe with increasing your routine.  Only increase your time OR distance at once, never both.  We should feel the burn but the burn should not last days.  We’ve gone to far if it’s not better in a few hours.  Ice then heat then repeat.  Smile  


Three weeks left let’s make them great!


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