Six Weeks And Counting

to notice

Wednesday, April 16th

Burn out on your heels or are you breezing through your challenges?  Well at forty-seven days into our walk you should be feeling better.  You should be seeing some results by now.  Have you heard the fitness lingo about four weeks for you to notice, eight weeks for friends to notice, and twelve weeks for strangers to notice?  I would love to test this theory.  At six weeks in you should be able notice some of the health benefits of Walk Your A.S. Off, now let’s push the next two weeks and see if our friends and family notice our improved health!


I’m going to push to double my routine for one day.  Now if this causes too much pain DON’T do it.  Your better off slow and steady every day rather than rushing it and crashing.  So if you can’t double a day try adding five minutes for three days.  Maybe every other day you can increase ten minutes?  Let’s make the next two weeks really count!


Keep me updated, I love to hear how you’re doing!  


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