chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome, have you heard of it? 

Did you know that just having an auto-immune disorder can be exhausting?  Fatigue is a four letter word in the AS community.  Some days you don’t have to do anything but wake up to feel like you’ve ran a marathon. 


I try and explain to those that have yet to feel it like this; when you have the flu how do you feel?  Like you’ve been beaten to pulp and drained of all being?  That is how chronic fatigue syndrome feels.  You can’t sleep it off or exercise through it.  Would you do that with the flu?  You have to rest and allow your body time to heal. 


The fatigue can steal days and even weeks.  It’s another daunting beast we must wrestle every day and often lose to.  I am known for falling asleep sitting at the dinner table and forget trying to watch a movie all the way through.  I’ve seen the beginning to a lot of them though!  I know I’m not going to make it when the eyelids start getting heavy and old man head starts bobbing…then the drool.  Yup, I’m not a peaceful looking angel when the fatigue grabs hold I’m more like a drunken sailor.  

Many find it funny how tired I can be but really it gets old being the old one. 


I’ve been searching for ways to fight back the fatigue and so far I’ve learned the only way to deal with it is before it starts.  You can’t fix it once it’s here.  Once it’s here you just do your best to survive it.  To really give it all you’ve got it takes daily steps.  Every day I take vitamins and supplements to help counter the meds and the side effects of this disease.  They have made a huge difference with my energy levels.  I also keep moving.  Exercise, no matter how little, will help fight fatigue.  Then sleep…oh how I can battle that pillow.  It’s hard to get good sleep when you are hurting all the time.  I’ve had to invent ways that make that bed work for me. 


Here is the list of supplements I take.  Just like any other medication always consult with a doctor first.


Vitamin D

Fish Oil

One A Day Multi-Vitamin



Ferrous Sulfate

Folic Acid

Cranberry Pills





That is how I fight back against fatigue.  I don’t always win but I give it my all.  What works for you?



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