Miracle Cures

no cure

Oh how I wish there was cure for Ankylosing Spondylitis but we’re just not there yet.  I know we will be someday! 


How many times have you been told by someone that if you just do this or take that you will be cured?  I’ve lost count.  Most of the time they are just grabbing at straws trying to find some way to help us but there are of course some who just assume we’re lazy for not taking this simple thing to cure ourselves.  We know better but how do you politely tell them they have no idea what they’re talking about?  I appreciate those that try to find a way to help me because they genuinely care but for the rest I just let it go…you can’t fix stupid!  Yup I said it.  We can’t concern ourselves with such people who just don’t get it and have no desire to.  Remember what we talked about with Stress and what it does to our tired Spondy bodies?  We have an invisible illness and those that are speaking out their … well not using their head before running their mouth just don’t get it because they can’t see it.  Think about it would these same people go up to a man in a wheel chair and tell them to take an herbal remedy  and they’ll be cured?  Of course not they would feel silly doing that. 


The truth is we want so badly for that simply remedy to work! 


We want so badly for this or that simple fix to be all we need and most of us have tried them in hopes of just that but we’re left in the same pain we started with.  Whether you believe big pharma withholds information to keep people dependent on medications for financial gain or you have faith that it’s in the works we all want the same thing.  Some of us pay scam artist for promises that never hold up in search of a cure or relief.  I really believe that bringing awareness will create the buzz to get more research going.  So I’ll keep doing what I feel is my part in hopes of helping future Spondy’s.


So what do we know?

Our miracle medicine comes with risks.  They are wonderful to have but should still be used with caution as they do not come without side effects.  We know exercise is excellent for us but it’s not as easy as popping a pill.  Herbs and supplements are great to help balance our immune system that just can’t seem to keep it together.  Other than that all we have is pain relievers.  Some take pain pills, some use meditation, acupuncture, heating pads, jams and jelly’s.   Many use diet to control their symptoms.  I’ve not had luck with these so I won’t pretend I know much about them and I’ll send you to the people who do.  You can check out the two most popular options No Starch Diet and Low Starch Diet.  SAA has also put together some information about diet and A.S.


You see there are options but I’ve yet to see a cure.  Personally I’ve yet to know what Remission is like but I will hold out hope I will find it some day and share this info with you in hopes you will as well!





Links to be leery of!  I don’t recommend any of the following as a cure.  I share them to show you what is out there that people have claimed will heal you.  Be careful and always talk to your doctor. 

Guide Imagery –similar to meditation which does help me but I would not say it’s a cure in any way shape or form!

Wine to the Rescue –seriously this is just too funny.  So many of us would be cured if this was the case!

Simply Drink Water –but you must pay for the RX in order to know the secret ratio of water to salt you are to drink???

Stem Cell –I sincerely think this holds hope for the future but I feel it needs loads more research before conclusions can be made.

Snake Venom –This has been proven bunk but national geographic of all organizations keeps it up on their website???

Did I miss any you have been told to try?


2 responses to “Miracle Cures

  1. I’m embarressed to admit it, but I have been ‘taken’ for literally thousands of Rands with some of these ‘snakeoilsalespeople’. I know how desperate I was especially before I had a DX. If somebody told me that eating fresh dog shit off the grass would cure me, I would have seriously tried it. And if I hear ‘lose weight’, ‘exercise’, ‘drink water’, ‘quit smoking’ (which I have), ‘quit drinking’ (which I did too) ONE MORE TIME… I might commit Hari Kiri (not really, hahaha!). The one that hurts the most is that my siginificant relationship did not believe me when I said I was seriously sick. But that’s a whole bitter and twisted ‘memoire’ on it’s own! LOL! OK, so I thought I was immune to all bullshit remedies and machines that promises to not only heal me, but give me superpowers like flying and reading minds. Some dude phones me a couple of months back, seriously listened to my symptoms for EXACTLY 2 mins and then promised me that if I deposit R9000 in his account that day, I could start using his ‘wonder machine’ the very next day. It even had an anal probe and not even the thought of an anal probe could put me off wondering what I can sell to afford this machine. Of course (and luckily) everything of worth that I owned is now in the bank accounts of the 15 specialists that I’ve seen over the course of the last 3 1/2 years. I say ‘luckily’ because when it comes to a cure, I no longer think logically or react sanely. Not right at that minute, but give it half a day, and I start resembling myself again and won’t sell my body to medical research anymore to raise the money for the ‘Anal-probe-shock-therapy-majig’ that promised that I could be off ALL my meds within TWO WEEKS of using his machine. People like that, in my opinion, should be arrested for at least attempted murder. And I should get my own personal straight jacket for believing the fool in the first place! Thought I’d share my insanity with you. If we don’t laugh at ourselves, we might as well die.

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