The Lighter Side




I know it sounds odd to think there is enough positive to warrant a day devoted to it but I try very hard to remain positive despite the limitations I’ve been given. We are after all what we are supposed to be and we are given our unique bodies and minds for some reason even if we don’t know what and the heck that is. I’ve chosen to see the lighter side of things as often as possible. I think it’s healthier than dwelling on the negative even though the latter can appear easier


So here is a list of some of the things I am grateful for:

• I’m grateful I was given the understanding of disabilities and the aging body through volunteer work when I was young to prepare myself, without knowing, for what I was going to be dealing with.

• I think my children are learning valuable lessons through my struggles.

• I feel that my disease may restrict many of my wants but not all of my needs!

• I’ve got a great excuse to not have to climb those stairs.

• I have an excellent incentive to exercise.

• I am a lucky woman who never has to wear high heels!

• I can get away with staying in pajama’s anytime I like.

• I see the caring side of this world through those who stop to understand, help and listen.

• I’m grateful I have met such a strong group of people through the struggles we share!


I would love to hear what you find to be a positive in your Spondy life?


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