You can’t see me

but I am a part of you.

You can’t control me

but I control you.


No one can see the pain that you feel.

No one can stop all I will steal.


Some may try to understand

all they can’t see.

Some will doubt

for all they cannot.


I am here no matter what

whether they care even somewhat.



I’m clearly not a poet but I jot down odds and ends that run through my head.  This is one of them and I normally never share these so please no judgment, you can laugh though.  : )


This is how I feel and some days it makes me so angry that no one can see all of my struggles.  I try to explain things but at some point I just feel like I’m whining or complaining constantly.  I don’t want to be that person.  I really am thrilled when I can carry on a conversation with someone with out “how are you feeling” entering it or “how was your week”.  I don’t want to tell them.  I am too tired to go through it all again and honestly I just like to attempt to forget now and then.  So it’s a blessing and a curse I suppose.  When I want to try to pretend I’m a normal healthy person I can pull it off.  It’s when I’m hurting that it really would be nice for them to know.  For them to look at me and see someone sick and fighting as hard as she can. 


Does anyone else feel this way?  






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