You Know You’re a Spondy When

 you know when


Some Friends helped me compile this list.  It was actually quite hilarious coming up with all of them.  Do you have any you think I should add?

clip_image002Trying to get off the floor…well if you could get down there it must be a good day so the best of luck on that.

clip_image002[1] You notice the shine on your shoes way too often!

clip_image002[2] Getting off the couch feels like wrestling in flannel after stuffing down your thanksgiving meal.

clip_image002[3] Lying on your stomach has ever left you locked and unable to move.

clip_image002[4] The pharmacist knows your family and pulls your meds without a word.

clip_image002[5] You have more docs in your phone contacts than friends.

clip_image002[6] Sitting on the floor is something you use to do.

clip_image002[7] Your month can encompass six doctor appointments.

clip_image002[8] You have enough radiation running through you to power a small plant.

clip_image002[9] Looking up is no longer an option.

clip_image002[10] Sex requires a handful of pain pills and weeks of recovery.

clip_image002[11] Your pain specialist is also your best friend.

clip_image002[12] Given an extra pile of cash to go burn at your favorite store and all you can think about is how sore you are going to be after.

clip_image002[13] Trying to check over your shoulder requires you to move your entire body.

clip_image002[14] When your perfume becomes Icy Hot.

clip_image002[15] Your supportive friends and family mean the world to you!

clip_image002[16] Your daughter thinks dressing up like mommy is putting on an MRI gown.

clip_image002[17] Your son knows when to run for pills without being asked.

clip_image002[18] When you see the reflection of yourself while walking. (The King of Pain)

clip_image002[19] When you tell someone what you have and they respond “that’s a new one to me”. (The King of Pain)

clip_image002[20] When I can’t _________ (The King of Pain)

clip_image002[21] When a stranger asks you “What the hell’s wrong with your neck? Does it hurt?” (The King of Pain)

clip_image002[22] When you wish you could look up to see a star. (The King of Pain)

clip_image002[23] When you can’t lean back to get your hair washed. (The King of Pain)

clip_image002[24] When you’re the first one to find the five pound note on the ground. (Irish)

clip_image002[25] When you can no longer get the last dregs out of your can of beer without using a straw. (Irish)

clip_image002[26] When you need a police escort home from the pharmacy. (Fred)

clip_image002[27] When moving your head sounds like rice crispy treats. (Madiatch)

clip_image002[28] When you can tie your shoe laces without sitting down. (Number One Face of AS Kevin)




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