Team Totals

ss total step count

We’ve made it to the end of another year.  Walk Your A.S. Off has once again brought awareness for Ankylosing Spondylitis and shown just how many there are standing tall with us.  It’s encouraged us to get up and move it so we don’t fuse it!  

Sure some couldn’t make it the whole nine weeks but you all tried.  You showed you were here to do all you could and you did! 

Our team was the largest it’s ever been this year with as many as 200 steppers at any given time.   We were an eclectic bunch with steppers around the world!  We set a huge team goal of 150 million steps and while we fell short I in no way feel like we failed!  We put up some impressive numbers and made great strides towards awareness.  I’m so proud of every step we took and it touched my heart to have so many of you walking with me!  Thank you all for joining me this year and making it the best yet!  I really hope you will join me next year as we finish what we started and hit that 150 million step goal!

thank you ss

I need to take a moment here and offer a special thank you to my two co-captains Pawpa and Eric.  They helped orchestrate the entire walk.  They did the majority of the recruiting and helped keep everyone on track.  Thank you two!


Let’s check out our team!

Top Stepper was Monkey Man with 2,768,480 steps!  Way to go Monkeyman!


Our other 17 team members that hit one million were..

Sabrina (hey that’s me. lol)


MnM’s, who was our second highest stepper with 2,346,658 steps.


Carrie, this woman is an amazing inspiration to me.  Fighting back this year from all the struggles she faced last.  Way to go Carrie!







Terrance, who showed amazing determination taking his pedometer along with him to the court!





Craig, my loving (and overprotective) big brother!

Here’s a special badge for each one of you.

I’ll be putting together an album of the places we traveled over the last nine weeks.  If any of you have pics you’d like me to share please send them to me at

Until next year,



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