April 2015 Here We Come!

Daily Dose

The Daily Dose will be taking some new steps towards awareness this year.  We are going to educate each other, friends, family, and even strangers about the daily struggles of those living with Ankylosing Spondylitis.  We’re going to MOVE IT so we don’t FUSE IT as we go.   We’ll face new awareness challenges every day and find out just how creative we are! 


We will find new ways to improve our health

and raise awareness for Ankylosing Spondylitis




Every day will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Every day will educate others of just how strong we really are.

Every day will bring greater hope for a cure.




I started the Daily Dose in an effort to raise awareness of a disease I battle daily.  I’m sure like all of you I’d never heard of it before the doctor diagnosed me with it.  I was lost and alone and had no idea what I was facing.  I want to change that!  I want doctor’s to be aware of the signs and diagnose all those hurting properly.  I want family members to not mistake our fatigue with laziness.   I want HOPE and this month, to me, is my chance to create my own! 




My second passion is exercise.  My battle with AS has left me unable to take the traditional route for treatment and led me to a Pilates mat which is somewhere I’d never been before.   Over the past seven years I’ve discovered just how wonderful exercise can be for Ankylosing Spondylitis.  I am determined to help everyone find something that helps them MOVE IT so they don’t FUSE IT! 




I can not do this alone!  One voice can be drowned by the crowd but if we Stand Tall together we will make a difference!  

Please join me this month and let’s raise some awareness and improve our health!


2 responses to “April 2015 Here We Come!

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  2. Ive been suffering since 2001 with my bladder disease Interstitial Cystitis. Then in 2010 my back started hurting really bad. I did however have 2 herniated bulging disk. But this pain was different, it was my ribs, they would hurt so bad at night i had to push on them to get any relief. Well after several doctors and shots later i was sent to rhumetologist by my pain management dr. Thats when they ran the test for A.S. i was tested positive for the gene. And was in a bad flare up. I’m on so many different medications, i hate it.
    My son whom is 19, has also been tested positive for the gene. But its not active at the momemt. I hope we can find some good help. We all get looked down on by several people. I dont want my son going thru life like i have.
    Thank you,
    Michele Rodriguez

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