Most Valuable Facts

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Here are some of the most important facts about Ankylosing Spondylitis.

•AS hits people when they are young.

• AS is auto-immune arthritis not wear and tear, aka old age!

• People with AS don’t need homemade remedies they need doctors and understanding. Homemade remedies might help a little if at all but many find it insulting to offer them such a simple solution when they are struggling so and know they have tried it all. Even though they desperately wish it was that easy!

• AS is a debilitating disease.

• AS causes chronic fatigue that can hit you like a freight train when you least expect it.

• AS is a very painful disease in more areas than the back.

• People with AS don’t appreciate stares once the disease starts distorting their body. They appreciate being asked polite questions so they can spread awareness and understanding.

• No one with AS has ever been cured. They can go into remission but not cured.

• AS doesn’t mean your life is over it means your life is changing.


• AS is not a man’s disease!

• AS does not require fusion.

• No one with AS is lazy; they are exhausted from battling their own bodies. Think of it this way when you are sick and your body is fighting the flu do you want to clean your house? Go shopping with friends? Head into work with a smile on your face? Now imagine dealing with that feeling everyday on top of the joints in your body being swollen and sore. PEOPLE WITH AS ARE NOT LAZY THEY ARE EXHAUSTED!

• People with AS do want to be the person they once were. They are physically not allowed to. It’s not a choice. The people they use to be are still inside the body they have now been given. Don’t miss that!

Take these fact cards and share wherever you like!


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