Challenge Day 1


Move It or Fuse It

 To start I want you to check out what I’ve done to keep moving.

“When the word arthritis is mentioned everyone eventually starts talking about exercise.  These same people don’t understand that the thought of working these joints in those foreign ways can feel like torture….read more.”

Now I want to challenge you to do one stretching routine everyday throughout the month.  It’s the best thing we can do for ourselves to maintain flexibility and can really help reduce the pain that comes with stiffness.  Here’s a stretching routine to get you started.

Awareness Challengeparty for a cure invite template

 It’s party time…awareness party that is!  Your first challenge will be to host a GO BLUE awareness party.  Invite your friends and family and raise awareness the fun way!

Here is a template for an invitation if you’d like to use it. 

Now go have fun!

Fighting Inflammation In The Kitchen

I’m sure you’ve heard of the low/no starch diet.  Many Spondy’s swear by it.  I personally have found exercise and a well balanced healthy diet work best for me so I’m going to share a natural anti-inflammatory recipe with you everyday throughout April.  I hope you like them and I’d love for you to share any great recipes you have!



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