Day 2


be proudIt’s nearly impossible to stay on track with out goals to hold you accountable to yourself.  Setting goals is tricky business.  You push too hard and you give up vs not pushing far enough and gaining nothing.  So how do you set goals for yourself that will keep you motivated and not throwing in the towel half way through?  Well, I can share what works for me.  I base my goals off of where my body is in that moment.  We Spondy’s can’t gauge where we will be next week, next month, or really later today.  So I plan for the here and now.  Then gradually I get a good idea of where I am and what I can handle.  If I can do more next week or next month or later today…AWESOME.  If not I’m not going to be upset because I did what I could.  If you remember the first challenge was to stretch everyday.  So set that as your baseline.  Then add little by little.  I’m going to give you a new challenge everyday to help you do that.  I’ve fallen off the fitness merry-go-round and am fighting my way back.  Sharing with you will hold me accountable as well.  So today I challenge you to continue your stretching and set some basic goals for yourself.



Awareness Challenge

ss ribbon white backToday is a personal challenge and I hope you are up for it.  Sharing the facts of this disease is easy, getting people to listen to them is a different story.  Sharing the facts does not tell the whole story either.  I would love for you to pick one real moment with Ankylosing Spondylitis that sums up your challenges with this disorder and share it.  It is very real to us because we deal with it everyday if we could just share one piece of it to make it real to others. 




Fighting Inflammation In The Kitchen


To stay on track with my diet.  I hate the word diet.  It implies I’m trying something temporarily to lose weight and I do this to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   Whatever you choose to call it trying to maintain it is difficult.  It’s easy to get busy and slack off but for those of us using these anti-inflammatory eating habits it’s crucial we stick with it.  So I found a way to keep my chaotic life chaotic and still eat healthy.  Meal planning.  Planning ahead is one of the only ways I can get anything done now.  To get started I pulled a list of my families favorite recipes and then I separated them into different weeks.  Then pull out each week, write-up a grocery list and you are good to go.  I have eight weeks now so we’re not repeating the same meals.  It’s worked well for the whole family!










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