Day 4

Move It or Fuse It

When is it time to slow down?  That is difficult to say.  I know the easy answer is when you feel pain but as a Spondy when do we not feel pain?  The way I determine is if I’m actually not able to move after or the pain from exercise lingers into the next day then I know I pushed it too hard.  If I can’t catch my breath I need to back down.  If while I’m working out and I hear or feel an intense crackling I back off immediately.  I say intense because we snap crackle pop all the time.  This intense burst I’m all too familiar with and while it seems short-lived I know it is coming back to haunt me in the very near future.  You think it would be easy to know when you are over doing it but really it’s not as easy as you’d think.  So what I attempt to do instead of paying for it later is work to avoid it in the first place.  Some ways I do that is stretching ahead of time and after.  Soak in a nice Epsom salt tub after.  When starting a new routine never do it all.  Work on mastering one movement or pose not a bunch of reps.  If walking don’t start out too fast or too far.  I get horrible shin splints every time I try to push it.  It’s funny how walking can impact me more than yoga or even a burst of cardio/strength training.  We are all different and more important than looking or keeping up with someone else is to find what works for us. 

Share with everyone how you do it.


 Pilates was the first step for me after diagnosis.  It seemed the logical choice given it’s notorious reputation for strengthening the core muscles that help support your spine.  It was not easy because I kept trying to do it like I wasn’t dealing with a chronic disease.  Once I let myself do it at my pace and adjusted the moves to suit my body I took off.  It was amazing how well it worked.  The muscles in my back helped my poor spine do it’s job.   I found the type of Pilates that works best for me and this dvd that I can do at home that shows altered poses for those with back problems.  I purchased bands to help reach what I couldn’t and a mat that I absolutely love to make it easy for me to go down on the floor.  Do not think you have to do it on the floor.  On rough days I still do it in the bed.  It’s about doing something and nothing else.  Let go of any preconceived notions of what exercise should look like it and make it what works for you. 


Awareness Challenge



So all those that tell us we need to exercise…yes shush it up we know we do, let’s tell them just how hard it can be.  So they understand even though we want to it’s not exactly easy to.



Fighting Inflammation In The Kitchen


Roasted Chicken Wraps


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