How does one survive Ankylosing Spondylitis?  For me, that is surviving without conventional treatment options.  After some serious soul searching I came to the conclusion that I had to stand up and find my own way.  There are no magic cures or easy ways around this.  It’s going to hurt and I’m going to have to give some things up but I am going to survive.  Then I just had to figure out how the heck I was going to do that.  Walk in the park right? 


I started by researching a lot.  I tried everything from diets to voo-doo.  Ok, not really voo-doo but you get the idea.  It was so frustrating feeling each one fail.  Through all of this though I did finally find what worked best for me and it was so simple, eating healthy fresh food and exercising daily.  I tried the low starch and actually got sick but cutting out processed food did so much for me.  I buy fresh local food now and it’s saved my life.  No miracle cure of course but I can exercise everyday.  Flares are still flares and I’ve not found anything to beat them but they are easier to combat now.  I credit that to meditation.  I can’t say enough about it.  It brings so much peace to my life and as a Spondy who would have thought I could find peace.  I learned to respect my new limitations instead of beating myself up for what I thought was some kind of failure on my end.  There are still those days that Ankylosing Spondylitis just kicks my A.S. but I can honestly say my life is pretty good in spite of my disease.




I wish I would have not started meds until I exhausted all options.  I know it’s always easier looking back.  If you’ve not started meds yet or not tried other options please do.  If you’ve found what works for you please share it with us.






One response to “Survival

  1. Hi
    I’ve been suffering with A.S. for about 10 years now. Unfortunately, I suffered a stroke in 2006 to boot. My health is not good: A.S. has frozen my ribs to sternum & spine while I try to breath with COPD. Further, I have a rather long list of other difficulties like havong gone through stomCh surgery, gall bladder removal (open), & a number of other more & less serious.
    That’s just an intro to the what. I am a 57 yr. Old man whom enjoys life and makes every effort to spread that joy. It’s refreshing yo read someone elses take on the A.S. I tend to be bed bound much of the time. Because my intestines may be effected by my condition (it’s like having Crohn’s but more intense), it makes it that much more difficult to even type a text or speak on the phone.

    I’d like 2 b an encouragement to folks suffering chronic pain. I tell myself each day, znd sometimes more often, that “It definately could be worse”. Reaching out and serving others, encouraging them, gives me strength and needed optimism. Be well.

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