Keeping Up With It All



I’m a mom and my schedule is crazy and there is not a lot I can do about it.  Now add to that Spondylitis and keeping up with it all is impossible.  I’ve found ways to help so I thought I’d share them with you.


1. Create a cleaning schedule- I was failing miserably at keeping up with house work and it was driving me crazy and quite frankly, embarrassing.  I know my limitations so I figured all I had to do was figure out how to make things fit into it.  Creating a cleaning schedule took the load off of what I expected from myself.  So here’s how I did it.   

  • List all the things that need to be done to keep your home clean; dusting, mopping, laundry, kitchen, toys, and so on. 
  • Then determine how often they need to be done; daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual, annual. 
  • Plug it into a calendar.  I created a Google calendar just for my cleaning schedule.  I put in no more than two things for one day. 

This way it all gets done but I don’t feel I need to do it all at once.  There are days that I don’t get to it and just like anything else it takes a little work to get back on track but it’s really helped reduce my stress level.  My kids also are old enough to help out and with the calendar they know what needs to be done and do it without being asked.  I know, I’m a lucky mom.  Before I began this cleaning was a form of torture.  I’d try to tackle too much at once and wouldn’t be able to move for a week. 


2. Kids Activities- There are always so many activities going on for the kids to participate in and it is really hard for me to say no.  I learned the hard way though if I try and do it all I end up in bed for twice as long.  So to help reduce the “why not mom” and the “are you ever getting out of that bed mom” I came up with a plan for when those  flares would interrupt our plans.  Now I have back ups and back ups for those back ups. 

  • Prioritize- I explained to the kids we need to decide what is more important.  If they could only pick two things a week they really wanted to do what would it be.  This was a great lesson for them as well as helpful to me.
  • Helping Hands- have people who can help get the kids to their activities in case a flare hits.
  • Spondy Day instead of Rainy Day- We have come up with special games/activities we do around the house if we have to cancel.  They still feel they are getting something special then even though they had to cancel their plans.
  • Host- I offer up my home for activities so I don’t have to go to far if things get rough.


3. Get Organized- I have things set up in a way around the house that anyone in my family can walk in and help me get things done.  Think of it like a list for the babysitter.  This saved my sanity!

  • Within Kids Reach- I created a kid cabinet in the kitchen so they can get to all the dishes they need and then put kid friendly food within reach.
  • Container Store Heaven- My kids have a bin for that.  They can keep their rooms organized and cleaned up on their own.  Even my youngest.   
  • Outfits- I layout outfits for my youngest.  I purchased one of those sweater racks that hang in her closet and it has 7 cubbies.  So she can grab one and get dressed on her own.


4.What’s for Dinner Mom-  I created a menu of sorts.  It cut out the guess work which always seemed to lead to junk food. 

  • Make a list of favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Create one week worth of meals.  I’m up to 8 weeks with no repeat meals.  I keep the recipes all together so my husband can cook if I can not.
  • Make a grocery list of all the things you’ll need for each week. 

…done!  Now everyone knows what on the menu and the grocery list is already made. 


These are a few of the things that I’ve done to attempt to keep up in spite of Spondylitis.  It’s not perfect but it’s certainly better than what I was doing.  I hope it helps!  Do you have anything you’d add?




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