Day 13

Move It or Fuse It


duke stairs

I work very hard to limit the stress and while exercise is excellent for this the type of exercise I prefer on those really stressful days is hiking.  Getting out in the woods unplugged to enjoy the beauty around me.  Walking on the natural trails instead of sidewalks is also easier on my joints.  Here is a link to help you find trails near you. 


Awareness  Challenge

We have to be proactive in our care.  Unfortunately doctors are not as informed as they should be about Ankylosing Spondylitis.  So for this challenge let’s try and educate them.  Spondylitis Association of America has materials that we can hand out.  You can also print out different articles and take them in with you.  I’ve actually had to do this when my cardiologist did not understand how AS can affect the heart and with the dentist who had no knowledge of the link.  We must do our best to educate them for own sake.

Fighting Inflammation In The Kitchen


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