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Uveitis and Iritis go hand in hand with Ankylosing Spondylitis.  In fact so much so that many are sent to a Rheumatologist by their Ophthalmologist.  If you didn’t realize just how far inflammation can go, now ya know.  Uveitis is inflammation within the eye.  When it first affected me I thought it was from my cycling or swimming.  You know how your eyes just burn?  It felt like they were on fire.  Eye drops weren’t working and by day two they were so red.  It was really scary.  I gave it one more day and when it was no better I had to go in because I couldn’t see.  My doctor knew immediately what it was and sent me straight to the Ophthalmologist who told me to never let it go that long again.  I had to start steroid drops and they BURNED but they did the job.  My Iritis cleared and thankfully it’s never been that bad again. 


I learned from that little incident though and don’t wait.  My doctor told me the permanent damage done by inflammation can happen quickly, within 48 hours.  Please if you think you have this head to the doc.  This to me just shows once again the damage AS inflicts on our body.  It affects so much more than the spine. 



While this image only shows the whites of the eyes red please know mine always starts with the pupil (the black part) and it is not red in the beginning.  It looks irregular in shape.  Generally one part is bulging.  You may feel the pain but not be able to see it as easily.  Go in if you suspect it, don’t wait because it can do just as much damage.  






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