Road Trip

I just got home from yet another road trip and while I love them … I’m exhausted.  Chronic Fatigue is something I’ve battled for years.  The stiffness starts about thirty minutes into the trip and I’ve found my absolute max is 3 hours without being left in rough condition for three weeks after.  I want to get out and do everything but it’s hard to find the energy and then the strength to handle what’s left in the wake. 


To fight the stiffness I love my heated seats.  I try to stretch but it’s just not practical to stop as long or as often as I would need in order to not lock up.  I can’t use hotel pillows because they are just too big for my neck.  I am learning to take more from home and am trying to find “cheats” to help make it more comfortable. 


I’d love to hear what you do to survive and, dare I say, enjoy your road trips. 



2 responses to “Road Trip

  1. Thanks for the tips! I got a travel pillow off of amazon meant for camping. It compresses so it takes very little room in luggage.

  2. We did a huge road trip last year and I think the one thing that really saved me was that I planned our stays around hotels that had pools. As long as I could get in a pool and my body could naturally stretch out (down) as I floated along I was in good shape to go another day. In a pinch, a hot tub helped but the pool was critical. I noticed the difference on the few nights we didn’t end up with a pool.
    Frequent breaks and changes in drivers helped too 🙂

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