Day 18

Move It or Fuse It

I have to find reasons to stay motivated to keep moving.  It is not easy.  In fact I could tell you a million reasons why I shouldn’t get up and work out. 


I’m too sore from yesterday.

I could make it worse.

I need to be able to get things done tomorrow so I should rest today.   

I don’t have time.


Those are probably the most common ones I use.  So I try and remind myself when those thoughts start rolling around up there of this instead.


I’m sore from yesterday so it will help me stretch out and I’ll feel better after.

I could make it worse but if I do it nice and easy I know I’ll make it better.

I need to get stuff done so I should stay stretched out and lose so I’m ready to go tomorrow.

I may not have time but I’m important and this is important so even if for only ten minutes I will make time.



Awareness Challenge

Let’s go blue for the rest of the month!

go blue


Fighting Inflammation In The Kitchen





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