Turn can’t into…

fight back


I despise the word can’t.  My children are familiar with just how much that word bothers me.  To me there is never a proper time to use that word. Ok well maybe something like … I can’t do it like you but I can find a way that works for me.  I’ll except that.   


I have been forced to come to terms with the fact that there are things I can’t do because of Ankylosing Spondylitis and let me tell I still fight the good fight.  I have found even more ways to do them, granted not in the way I once did but I still can.  Some my husband finds absolutely ridiculous that I go to such lengths to hold onto things but until he’s told he can’t he won’t appreciate the fight to find a different ways he can.  Some are just down right silly.   Here’s an idea of the lengths I’ve gone to resist the word can’t. 


I can’t play basketball …  on a court but I can whoop your butt on a video game.   (My son finds this one hilarious.)

I can’t run …  but I can pretend to in wicked slow motion and make everyone bust out laughing.  (Again my son finds this hilarious)

I can’t where high heels … I have the most amazing collection of sneakers and have added an amazing purse collection to my closet.

I can’t travel more than three hours … I’ve found some breath-taking places very close to home that I’d never had known without being forced to look.

I can’t garden …  not for hours on end but a little everyday and the job gets done and I actually enjoy it more when I’m not rushing.

I can’t clean the house …  well I kind of enjoy getting to pull this card out of the deck so I’ll keep it under wraps that I can if I use my cleaning schedule. 

I can’t dance …  I never could so no loss there.

I can’t play for hours with my kids … I can if we change the games we’re playing.

I can’t cycle as far as I want …  with training I can and actually even go further than I’d ever thought possible.

I can’t do things as quickly as others …  I stopped racing long ago and even though it may take me longer I am so very proud of myself when I get there, more so than if it would have come easy.


I won’t keep going but I hope you get the idea.  I’d love to hear how you’ve changed that word into something positive.


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