Day 23

Move It or Fuse It

I love music and I find I really stay motivated when I’m listening to some great tunes.  I have actually pushed myself too far at times because I so busy singing along I don’t realize I need to stop.  I’m crazy like that.  Do you find music helpful?


Awareness Challenge

It may be to steep of a challenge today but let’s share all the different things AS has effected each of us beyond the spine.  I have a feeling some of you could write a book.

as fact card areas


Fighting Inflammation In The Kitchen

The Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie That Will Heal You From The Inside Out





2 responses to “Day 23

  1. I’m loving reading your posts. I was told I may have AS on the 2nd April. I have my first Rheumatology appointment tomorrow. I do not want to go down the drug route! x

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