Day 24

Move It or Fuse It

Here is a routine to help calm your mind and stretch out before bed.


For number two you can just sit on the couch and bend forward if that’s easier.  Then for number five you can simply do happy baby pose or as close to it as possible.  It’s about a straight spine from top to bottom.  It really feels amazing.   If you can’t get on the floor just lay on your bed.  You can use pillows to prop things up.   I find right before bed is just as bad as first thing in the morning.  I’ve been active all day then I sit down to watch a couple shows before heading to bed and I can’t stand up without snap, crackle, and pop.  Stretching out like this really makes a difference.



Keeping track of your workouts can help you stay motivated to do them.  There are electronics to help you track them or you can simple put a check on the calendar showing you did something that day.  Cleaning the shower and doing the laundry count for me.  Shoot some days it’s surviving the day.  Going back and seeing my progress on those rough days makes me feel better.  It reminds me how hard I’ve been working and those rest days are well deserved.  I realize that I can do more than I thought or that I’ve been down to long and need to get back at it.  Being accountable for what you do and/or not makes a difference.


Awareness Challenge


Let’s share the many faces of AS today so others can see how differently we all can be affected.  Have you shared your story yet?



Fighting Inflammation In The Kitchen








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