Day 25

Move It or Fuse It

My neck is always one of the first things to go with a flare.  I’ve lost curvature and my hump is starting to show so I work really hard to keep as much range of motion as possible.  One of my strengthening workouts had some moves that involved the neck and I was shocked to find I could barely do them.  Up till then I guess I never really thought about strengthening my neck because I’ve always been more concerned with my back.  Once I started working more on it I noticed that the pain decreased and while I struggle for full range of motion I’ve got more than most so I’m not complaining. 


Awareness Challenge

Did you realize the disease duration is longer in AS than RA?  The reason this is important to me is most research is geared towards RA while there are more Spondy’s suffering longer that desperately need research.

as fact card duration


Fighting Inflammation In The Kitchen

Anti-Inflammatory Recipe for Black Lentils with Sweet Potatoes and Tumeric Tahini


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