never judge


It’s hard to find someone to talk to.  The day I found support groups and was able to talk to others going through the same thing was the day I felt normal again. 


Then I developed all the complications and couldn’t take any treatments.  I was alone.  No one could relate to my situation.  I’ve been told by fellow Spondy’s that my disease is just not as severe as theirs and that’s why I don’t “need” the meds.  That is so far from the truth.  My doc says I’m fusing faster than anyone  she’s ever treated.  I’ve also been told there is no way I could be in as much pain as they are because I don’t take pain meds.  I don’t take pain meds because they could kill me not because I don’t need them.  I am in pain everyday.  I have pulled away from most support groups because of this.  It can be quite depressing to lose that one place I felt normal.


Every single one of us is affected differently.  We all deal with this disease in a way that we feel works best for us.  It does not mean one person suffers less because they’ve gone down a different path.  I have been shocked to see the way some of us speak to each other.  We should be encouraging of what others can or try to do.  We should not compare our struggles but support each other while we deal with them. 



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