Day 28

Move It of Fuse It

sbprLately I’ve been needing two to three days recovery before going at it again.  If I do nothing during this time it only makes it worse so I get up and do yoga or go for a walk (not a hike), anything as long as I don’t sit and lock up at night.  I am one of those that gets bored easily so I try to find a bunch of different ways to do what is basically the same thing.  Ridiculous I know.  Here is another stretching routine for the end of the day.  I did it last night and it felt amazing. 


Please remember in no way do we have to do the full stretch they show on these videos.  There is no routine just for Spondy’s so we must adapt each pose to work for us.  Only go till you feel something and stay there and hang out with it.  If you do this everyday you will be doing more than you think you are. 


Awareness Challenge

GO BLUE!  Did you know I’ve put some of my designs up on Zazzle and you can personalize your own gear with them?  If you don’t see something let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  Do you sell awareness gear?  Let’s see it!



Here are a few shots of my blue crew.


Fighting Inflammation In The Kitchen

Fish Curry







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