life is short


I’ve made myself a lot of promises on how I will handle AS.  I may not have control over it but I will not give into it.  The mental game can be more important than the physical one … scratch that it’s what gives us the ability to physically fight it.  Without the positive mindset I would not be able to do all I do.  It is not easy but nothing worth anything is. 


So my promises …

There is nothing I can not do, I just have to find a different way to do it.

Remind myself everyday to do the best I can and be happy with that.

Love my kids, family, and friends and never let them forget what their support means to me.

Live in the moment and don’t pass over opportunities to get out and enjoy life.

There is a reason for everything so don’t dwell on it, let it go and move on.


I keep a note by my computer that says For My Family.  It reminds me everyday why it’s worth pushing past the doom and gloom slump it’s so easy to fall into.


Do you have a list?  What’s on it?






2 responses to “Promises

  1. I have been enjoying your posts this April. This one particularly related to me–I think I’ve made many of those same promises. I’m also dealing with AS without medication right now and don’t know anyone else who it. It’s so great to read your blog and know someone often feels the same way as me. Thank you!

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