Annoyingly Sympathetic



It’s hard to remain sympathetic for someone who is chronically ill.


I understand that when I hurt everyday it must be extremely difficult to remain sympathetic towards it.  You must get just as tired of seeing me in pain and hearing me complain about the latest ailment.


Reminds of all those memes…  “If you don’t like something in your life change it!”  If only it was that simple.


So I feel it takes a special kind of person to be close to someone with a chronic illness.  To be patient with someone who can’t “just get over it”.   Not everyone can do it.  To those that have stuck by me and all those struggling, Thank You!


This is to all the spouses, family, friends, and supporters that help out and try to understand, THANK YOU!

  •  To those that don’t understand but want to, THANK YOU!
  •  To those that lend a hand without complaining. THANK YOU!
  •  To those that pick up the pieces when AS rears its ugly head, THANK YOU!
  •  To those supporters that offer a listening ear and loving smile when needed, THANK YOU!
  •  To those that stay by our sides through the lows, THANK YOU!

 AS is a monster but the loving support, respect and understanding from all of you make it much more manageable. So in case we didn’t say it today or forget tomorrow THANK YOU! You are truly appreciated!



One response to “Annoyingly Sympathetic

  1. Hi Sabrina, I’m Tim. A.S. has been one of my main bains for 10 years. I also sugfered a stroke 9 yrs ago when I was 48. Since I provided most income, my wife had to go to nursing school so she could provide. We struggle. The only people who even ask how I am anymore are childhood friends, my Dad (now a healthy 88), my oldest son, and a couple old church buddies. I wish you all the best. And remember: “Kick AS”.

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